Kids SLEEP Spray with Sid the Sloth

When it comes to kids and sleep, we think it would be right up there with the concerns/frustrations/worries that consume parents in their parenting journey. 

If you have never tried using essential oils to help support your child’s sleep, you are really missing out!

This blend of oils harnesses the power of essential oils to not only help your child calm down, but to fall into a more deep and restful sleep. Kids who sleep better tend to behave better, and who doesn’t want more of that?!

It also incorporates juniper berry which is shown in research to help sufferers of night terrors sleep more soundly.

 This plastic (no glass to break) 100 mL SPRAY features Sid the Sloth who encourages your child to spray this blend around their room, and on pillow and doona as part of their bedtime, wind down routine. 

Your child will recognise that Sid is a fun cuddly face and they will look forward to using this sleepy blend. 

**age appropriate dilution from ages 1+ 

ingredients: essential oils of lavender, juniper berry, bergamot, frankincense and fractionated coconut oil