Kids STINK Spray with Sally the Skunk

When it comes to kids and their spaces, let’s be honest it can often get a little bit smelly

... our creator Lisa made this brew for her three sons, as a bit of a joke, but it’s really become a thing!  

Essential oils of lemon, eucalyptus and tea tree come together to not only purify the air, but to leave any space it’s used smelling as fresh as a daisy.

 This plastic (no glass to break) 100 mL SPRAY features Sally the Skunk who encourages your child to spray this blend around their room, to freshen it when they tidy up.

(Bonus – this can also be used in the toilet for all members of the family 🤪)

Your child will recognise that Sally is a fun spray for funky smells and they will look forward to using this!

ingredients: essential oils of lemon, eucalyptus, tea tree, witch hazel and distilled water