Farmer's Market Bundle | 6 Cotton Vegetable Bags

This set includes the following, all in natural, unbleached, un-dyed 100% organic cotton

  • 3 open-weave cotton bags - Small ( 27 x 20 cms ), Medium ( 26 x 33 cms) Large   ( 25 x 43 cms)
  • 3 x solid weave, cotton bags -  Small ( 25 x 20 cms), Medium ( 28 x 30 cms), Large (30 x 40 cms)


  • The TARE weight is included in the tag so you can easily set the scale when purchasing
  • The mesh bags are wonderful for fruit, vegetables, herbs and baked goods, completely eliminating the need for plastic.
  • The solid weave bags are perfect for any smaller items as they are secure and won't escape!
  • Both styles produce bags have a drawstring closure with a wooden toggle that seals tightly, preventing anything from escaping
  • Can be used for storage of food items in the fridge
  • Ideal for non-food items, storage of undergarments, toiletries, useful for travelling, school and the office
  • The shopping tote is super stretchy, incredibly strong and has a longer handle so rests perfectly over your shoulder
  • Compostable as 100% organic cotton

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